UL94v-0 compliant silicone

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Following a request from one of our key customers for a fire retardant extrusion, JFE made the decision to proceed with the development of a UL94v-0 compliant silicone seal.  Its purpose was to be used on a various safety critical door and enclosure applications. 

There are many industries that can benefit from this type of material’s resistance to flames.  For example – the manufacture of fire doors, white goods and domestic products.  These include washing machines, televisions, ovens and vacuum cleaners.  Also there are potential automotive applications, and possibilities in the electrical / electronic wiring markets.

Market sectors in which public safety is of the highest importance will benefit greatly from this development and use of this material.

UL94v-0 is viewed as an essential safety standard.  In the event of a fire, it would help to resist the flames.  In turn this reduces the possible risk to life or property.

Please call or email for further information on ul94v-0 compliant silicone seals, or to discuss more precise requirements. Email to [email protected]

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