New Oven Door Seals

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JFE is the largest manufacturer and supplier of oven door seals within the UK.  In conjunction with a leading manufacturer of fast food ovens we have recently developed a standardised oven door seal.  It is a seal with clips.  Therefore, wide ranging oven door and oven cavity sizes can be easily and quickly accommodated with this adaptable design.
Subject to MOQ, these parts can be supplied for new ovens or as service parts.   See the specimen print below.

This development was born out of the customer need for a neat and tidy clipped seal that had to fit a number of different ovens yet offer accurate and properly functioning corner joints.

To make enquiry, email to [email protected]

2 thoughts on “New Oven Door Seals

  1. Ray Massey

    Hi Sales,

    I need a high temperature seal to fit around the door glass on a high efficiency gas fire…can you help with this?



    1. Keith Morgan

      Good morning Ray
      Jamak produce various seals for this type of application, however they are bespoke to customers designs, is it just one seal you require or is it for production quantities

      Keith Morgan


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