PTFE Parts & Components – Product details & Supply Capabilities.

  • Jamak Fabrication are experienced suppliers of PTFE parts & components.

PTFE MATERIAL – in brief:-

PTFE is a material which has many attractive benefits.

  • Firstly – it is well known as a non stick & low friction material.
  • Secondly – it will work well in situations with high temperature. 
  • A third key benefit is PTFE also has excellent resistance to many chemicals.

Consequently, PTFE is a fine material of choice for many demanding applications.  It will work happily with various mating materials.  These  include other plastics, elastomers and metals. 


In particular – due to its low friction & high overall stability PTFE is specified frequently for applications which entail the sliding action of mating or meshing parts.  For example – plain bearings, gears, slide plates, seals, gaskets, bushings, and more.

PTFE in these situations will out perform acetal, nylon and other plastics.

Parts in PTFE material will be an excellent choice for many industries & applications.


PTFE Back-UP Rings:-

Back-Up rings are a key part of Jamak Fabrication product portfolio.

Back-Up rings are a specific type of component which provide support to standard ‘O’ rings in situations of very high pressure. 



They are located within the O ring groove, but in a position behind the O ring to provide this support. 

The O ring now can hold good shape when under high pressure – and always remain in the correct place. 

Without the Back-Up ring, the rubber “O” ring can extrude into the small clearance between the piston and bore.  Good operating function would then be lost.

In summary we offer PTFE back up rings and other machined PTFE parts.

PTFE Material Benefits – Full List

The following is a full list of PTFE material benefits:-

  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Good electrical insulating properties.
  • Wide working temperature from -60°C to 260°C.
  • Very low coefficient of friction.
  • Add glass & carbon fillers to improve dimensional stability OR enhance specific properties – EG abrasion resistance.
  • Low flammability.
  • High UV and weather resistance.
  • Suitable for food contact – (can be FDA compliant).
  • Water resistant.
  • High impact strength.
  • No moisture absorption.


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