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JFE is positioned to offer low cost / high quality rubber & plastic products as the other pages in the website highlight.

As an overall organisation we have existed since 1971.

We have high in-house expertise and a hunger to satisfy customer needs.  We have numerous low cost / high quality manufacture connections.  Finally, we have UK warehousing facilities.  We can accordingly store manufactured parts and schedule client deliveries for medium to high volume production needs.

The articles in this page are NEWS snap shots.  To make enquiry, email to [email protected]

These NEWS articles generally illustrate new or updated product types that JFE can offer. 
Please peruse and approach through the contact details for any items of interest …, (click title or image for full view)

Nitrile Rubber Gaskets - can be found in a number of different applications. Typically, Nitrile Rubber is suitable for environments

 supply all the following   Gaskets -Strip Gasketing - Sheeting - Cord - Washers - Profiles - Blocks - Seals - Flanges -Pads - Adhesive backed or

  Specialist in bespoke Silicone and all Elastomeric Seals, Gaskets & Fire retardant UL94 rated fire door seals. Proud to

We have recently welcomed Ron Buckland to the Jamak Fabrication Europe (JFE) team.  Ron has joined as our Sales & Business

One of the most critical and demanding components in an EV is the battery and battery seal. Therefore the quality

As many  will know, there is an ongoing requirement to move away from natural gas to hydrogen in the household

As most people know there is currently a global issue with delivery times and freight capacity. Here at Jamak we

Jamak are most well known for supply of industrial products.  However we now have expanded the product range to include

Due to increasing recent demand, Jamak fabrications have made the decision to add precision silicone balls to our growing product

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