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-Strip Gasketing – Sheeting – Cord – Washers – Profiles – Blocks – Seals – Flanges -Pads – Adhesive backed or plain. Solid Rubbers – Sponge Rubbers. All Specifications available. From -Die Cut -Molded -Lathe Cut -EMI/RFI Shielding -Hand Fabricated -Solid Rubbers -Foam and Sponge Rubbers -Molded Silicone Products -Plastics and Jointing Materials – Extruded Foam and Silicone Products.

 Gaskets-Strip Gasketing-Sheeting-Cord-Washers-Diaphragms-Adhesive backed or Plain-From NR/SBR Elastomers -NR/SBR Insertion Rubber -Neoprene Rubber -Nitrile Rubber -EPDM Rubber -Hypalon -Butyl -Viton – Shotblast Rubber -Para Rubber -Silicone Rubber – Fine Ribbed  Matting – Broad Ribbed  Mats -Check plate  -Diamond  Round Dot Matting – Stable Matting – Electrical  Mats.  Specification Materials From WRC EPDM, Neoprene F/Q Silicone. All BS Specifications.

Sheet Material Foam

Gaskets-Strip Gasketing-Sheeting-Cord-Washers-Profiles-Adhesive backed or Plain-Closed cell. Open cell, Cross linked, All Specifications available. From Neoprene Sponge Rubber -EPDM Sponge PVC/Nitrile Sponge – PVC Foam -Polyethylene Sponge Foam -Polyester Foam -Polyether Foam -Recon Polyurethane Foam – Polyurethane Sponge – Industrial Sponge Rubber – Viton Sponge –  Silicone Sponge Rubber – Acoustic Foams – Poron Sponge.

Plastics Products

Gaskets- Strip Gasketing – Sheeting – Cord – Washers – Profiles – Seals -Flanges – Pads – Adhesive Backed or Plain – All Specifications available. Die Cut -Molded – Lathe Cut -Hand Fabricated – from fiber Gasket Paper – Nomex – Polyester –  – PVC – Vulcanized Fiber -Leatheroid – Nylons – Polyurethane -Polypropylene – Polycarbonate  – PTFE – Kevlar – Glass fiber – ABS –  – CAF – Foam and Sponge Elastomers.

Extruded Foam Products

Sheet – Cord – Tube – Profiles – O Rings – Strip – Jointed Rings – All specifications catered for. Commercial and high specification work undertaken – All rubbers and foam materials in particular – all Silicone grades in solid and foam form – High Tear Silicones  – High Temperature Silicones – Platinum Cured Silicones – Low Smoke and Low Toxic Silicones – Viton Rubbers of all grades – EPDM -Neoprene’s, Nitrile and many more.

These are just some of the goods we supply if it is not listed please contact us.  

 We welcome enquiries from :

General Engineering – Electronics – Lighting – Building Maintenance   Defence -Chemical Industry – Civil Construction – Aerospace   Packaging – – Petro-Chemical-Agricultural.

Fire Industries- Nuclear-Marine-White-goods-Oven manufacturers-EV Charging- Paper/pulp- Automotive. Medical

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