We offer flame & smoke resistant seals.  The sealing materials will resist fire and burning.  The purpose of the products is to seal a variety of door and frame applications which are safety critical.  Therefore the products will comply with the well known flame resistance standard UL94v-0

Market sectors in which public safety is high priority will benefit greatly from this type of seal.  Main uses are sealing of fire doors and white goods.  Also home use products including washing machines, televisions, ovens and vacuum cleaners are applications where this seal can work.  Further uses are in new car & auto assembly.  Also the field of protection to wiring for electrical / electronic goods assembly are uses to consider.


Firstly, UL94 is a leading standard of safety.  The standard has different levels of conformance.  In the event of a fire, products which are compliant have resistance to flames and burning in accordance with the level of certification.  This in turn protects the lives of people.  It also reduces risk of damage to buildings and contents.

Secondly, one such level of conformance is UL94v-0.  V-1 and v-2 levels also exist.  The test measures the time for flames to self-extinguishing for a polymer test specimen which is clamped at the top and held in in a vertical position for the duration of the test.  A Bunsen burner directly below the test specimen provides a source of ignition.  Burning time, after-glow time and degree of dripping is then measured for the specimen on test. 

The following video file shows the performance of a standard silicone VS a silicone which complies with UL94v-0.

Key details of the UL94v-0 test routine:-

  • A direct flame is applied to the test specimens for 10 seconds.  This is done multiple times per test using a Bunsen burner.
  • The total flame time must not exceed 50 seconds for a full test set of 5 material specimens
  • Material on test must not drip flaming particles that ignite a cotton indicator.
  • Test specimens must not have glowing combustion for more than 30 seconds after removal of the Bunsen burner.
  • The test material must not burn with a flame or show glowing combustion up to the clamp position.

In summary / overview:-

Jamak Fabrication can now supply production volumes of UL94v-0 compliant silicone extrusions & seals.  This includes fire retardant seals.

All are fully flame & smoke resistant.  Supply is possible in a wide range of colour shades.  Almost any cross section shape can be achieved.  The products can be supplied with or without adhesive backing. 

The products will be bulk packaged in a way which is agreed with the customer.

Please provide details of specific production needs.  We will provide a proposal & quotation.  Email to [email protected]

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