Silicone Sponge & Gasket Sealing Products

Silicone Sponge – info.

General purpose closed cell silicone sponge provides high performance and a long-life span in many extreme environments.

It has a wide working temperature range from -60°C to +230°C.  This makes it an ideal material choice for applications with unstable or volatile operating conditions.

Sponge will compress with low force and also has high compressibility %.
It therefore offers robust sealing possibilities in cases where (1) tolerances of mating pieces are extreme or (2) where the mating pieces do not have high strength.   

Also, various densities and colours are feasible for supply – we can offer according to customer needs.


JAMAK has supplied low density silicone sponge and other sponge strip since the early 1980’s.

We have also developed and added other densities to our range through our various manufacture partners.

We can supply these specialist and durable materials in slit strips and / or as punched seals and gaskets.

Jamak sponge seals & gaskets are manufactured to customer specific designs.  However, we offer full technical, engineering, and design support to develop an optimum product.

We also offer the sponge parts with adhesive backing applied.  The usual reason for this is to serve as an assembly aid.
The adhesive backing is a pressure sensitive acrylic double sided tape.  It is available in standard form or non stretch form.  
Hence all of Jamak slit or punched form parts are available with adhesive backing options of standard type or non-stretch type.  

Silicone Sponge Applications

Key products are silicone sponge for lighting and silicone sponge for heating & boiler applications.

Sponge Seals & Sponge Gaskets are used extensively in the Heating & Boiler industry.  They are also suitable for water gaskets and applications in air filtration, auto, domestic goods, electrical / lighting, marine, pharmaceutical, and many more.


There are delivery options according to the volume of goods we supply.
For medium to high sales volumes, we can hold agreed stock at our Manchester warehouse, and then deliver as customer schedule.

Additional packing options such as bar coding, individual poly bag per part and cardboard separation within the box are also available.  Please request according to needs.

Please provide inquiry with details of specific production needs.  We will provide a proposal & quotation.  Email to [email protected]

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