Highly Experienced Team & Global Organisation

Jamak have 50 years of global supply experience in the Silicone Rubber Technology sector.  We have received awards for high levels of customer service.  We assure our clients they will receive the highest standards of  support for typical and diverse project needs.

Customers can depend on Jamak’s highly experienced team when there are project challenges which need to be resolved.  Jamak has more than 50 filed patents, and has achieved many first to market innovations.  When the extra project mile is needed – Jamak have the resources & experience to find solutions.

The key benefits to customers of sourcing with Jamak Fabrication Europe are:-
1) To receive general support from a highly experienced team with broad product range and knowledge.
2) More specialist development support is available if needed. 

To make enquiry, email to [email protected]   Some further details are in the image.

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