Extrusion – Rubber Seals & Gaskets. Silicone, EPDM, NBR & more

Jamak Fabrication are an industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom extruded silicone products, and all other rubber material types of extrusion.

Manufacturing takes place in our low cost Far Eastern manufacturing facilities – where we have multiple options.  We can therefore make the best selection according to product type & any other considerations.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT for rubber extrusion requirements.

We have a full technical and quality support team based in the UK.  This is in addition to the sales, marketing and administration staff we have on site.  We also have a large warehouse facility.

As a result of this we are able to service a very diverse market place.  This includes for instance many blue chip companies.

The extensive in house capabilities ensures that we are able to partner with customers throughout the development cycle.  This in turn promotes that optimal part design and quality will be achieved.  Consequently,  the lowest possible piece price and performance of the part is accomplished for supplied products.


The general range of product categories we supply are as follows:-

  • Extruded seals & gaskets.
  • Oven door seals & gaskets.  Hob seals.
  • Seals for white goods.
  • FDA compliant seals & gaskets.
  • UL94 compliant extrusions and seals.
  • Hydrogen / natural gas fire and heating seals & gasket manufacture.
  • Hydrogen / natural gas boiler seals & gasket manufacture.
  • Fire door seal manufacture
  • Extrusions for Automotive applications.
  • Extrusions for HVAC applications.
  • Bespoke seal manufacture for windows.
  • Seals & connectors for the heating industry.
  • Seals & connectors for the cooker industry.
  • Silicone seals for lighting applications.

Further to above, our extrusions can be supplied in free length – usually wound on coils.  We also supply accurate cut length parts.  Also we offer variations such as corner bonding, assembly with clips and application of adhesive backing.  Further options are as follows:-

  • Manufactured in tubing, cord, profiles & sections
  • Shore A hardness from 30-80
  • Available in translucent, white, black or colour of choice.
  • Colour matching is available
  • FDA approved grades.
  • Also available in low smoke, low toxicity (LCH) and flame retardant (FR)

We will supply parts of OEM quality that are competitively priced within the above categories or in other categories.

Please make contact to discuss exact requirements.  


The manufactured parts are bulk delivered to our UK warehouse. They are  subsequently shipped to UK & European customers.  For medium & high sales volumes, a UK stock holding level can be agreed.

Please provide details of silicone and/or rubber extrusion requirements. We will provide a proposal and quote.

To make enquiry, email to [email protected]

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