Mouldings, Extrusions in Silicone & various polymers. Also fabricated & machined Parts.

We offer elastomeric seals, gaskets & parts + moulded & machined plastic components to many industries ….. Material options–SILICONE–FLUORO silicone–EPDM–NITRILE–VITON–NEOPRENE–NITROPHYL–PTFE & more …..


Since 1971 Jamak Fabrication based in Tx, USA has been a global leader in the supply of Silicone Rubber moldings, extrusions, fabrications & more to many industries.

JAMAK FABRICATION EUROPE (JFE) are the UK division.  We supply Mouldings and Extrusions in silicone rubber and other materials.  We offer seals, gaskets and various part types.  Also fabricated & machined Parts. 

JFE commenced trading in 1988From that time and through to the early years after Y2K, we produced all parts in house and supplied in only silicone rubber.

In subsequent years we expanded the product range and then supplied in various rubber and plastic materials.  JFE became a multi polymer RUBBER & PLASTIC PARTS supplier.  However, manufacture in house was no longer economic from around 2003.  Hence we re-focused to use sources in low-cost areas.  In particular we began to use sources based in Far Eastern locations.

Firstly, this approach enabled a general basis of low cost supply.  Secondly, there is no impact to Quality Control.  For example – we always will begin the supply process with an up front cross check that the planned  manufacture site is certified & has experience and know how which will meet the end customer needs.  Thirdly and most relevant,  we now have 15+ years successful supply history to very demanding industries and customers.

JFE is based in Manchester – UK.  We have highly experienced staff in the fields of Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality & Purchasing.  The business approach is to work in close partnership with UK & European based customers to understand their needs in detail – and then resolve a supply situation based on manufacture at one of our low cost global production sources.  The parts are warehoused in Manchester in line with customer schedules.


Moldings, Extrusions – seals, gaskets.  Also Fabricated & Machined Parts – JFE supply rubber & plastics parts for both OE and the after market.  Our customer base includes clients from all areas of manufacturing industry.  In line with precise needs and the required production volumes, we will find the best approach to provide parts which are lowest cost & highest levels of Quality.

Many product types can be supplied in a diverse range of polymers /  elastomers.


JFE are driven to meet our customers’ needs through progressive engineering, custom manufacturing, and global sourcing.

We will supply strictly to customer print, or engage in full design collaboration for all medium to high volume client needs.  A prototype program can occur if there is a need.

We take care to ensure that the manufacture sources have supply history which is in line with the industries the parts are supplied to.

In summary:-

JFE are the agent for the customer.  We enable low cost & high quality supply by selecting the most suited partner manufacture site for the customer needs and wants. 

Based on knowledge of supply to many industries for many years, we have a very high level of  in house expertise.  We use Quality tools APQP & PPAP through development to product launch.  From initial supply, full QA support and back-up then occurs for the full program life.

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